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EXCYTEX is one of to the first companies delivering dedicated research tools specifically for the extracellular vesicle research field. EXCYTEX believes in the potential of this field to radically improve our understanding of basic biological signalling and its potential in improving diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. By supplying high quality research tools, EXCYTEX aims to support researchers with their hard and much needed work


One of EXCYTEX’s strong points is its ambition to actually involve its customers in the development of the products.


Most scientific problems need tailor made solutions and therefore we can not offer them through an online webshop. Therefore, feel free to contact us with any question regarding extracellular vesicles, (semi) synthetic vesicals and liposomes. However some products are applicable to more than one research question and therefore we aim to provide an online product outlet in the near future.

Our Terms and conditions . apply on all products.

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